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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Keeping Pace With the a New Indian ConsumerBijapurkar, Rama
Dec-2009KibernumBlack, Benjamin; Dansingani, Ajit; Kim, Dong Min
2004Kill a Rival or Keep it Alive ?Khalap, Kiran
2005Kirana Vs Super- MarketArya, Ved Prakash
2006Knowing Your ProductKurian, Jacob
Jun-2017Landing the Megadeal: Seven Keys to Closing Big Sales that Make MoneyLevitch, David; Pande, Aditya; Selby, Brian
Jul-2016The Latest Fallout from the Volkswagen Scandal - Five Keys TakeawaysKnowledge@Wharton
Apr-2020A Leaders GuideMcKinsey
Oct-2016Leadership and Behavior: Mastering the Mechanics of Reason and EmotionMaskin, Eric; Winter, Eyal
Jul-2017Leadership and Strategic Innovation in PharmaØrnskov, Flemming
Jan-2021Leadership’s Digital TransformationSchrage, Pring, Benjamin Michael; Kiron, Dickerson, Desmond David
Jan-2021Leadership’s Digital TransformationSchrage, Michael; Pring, Benjamin; Kiron, David; Dickerson, Desmond
Jun-2020Leading With Purpose And Humanity: A Conversation With Hubert JolyMcKinsey
Jul-2020Lean Management or Agile? The Right Answer May Be BothMcKinsey
Jan-2022Learning and DevelopmentJaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
Jan-2021Learning and Development HR502Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
2021Learning in the times of distributed everythingGautam, Amit; Sharma, Anushree; Lahri, Pranjalee; Nair, Reshma S
2020Learning Trends India 2020Martinez, Ester; Dutta, Kamal
Jun-2020Leaving The Niche: Seven Steps For A Successful Go-To-Market Model For Electric VehiclesMcKinsey
2018Legal Aspects of Management (GM402)Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida