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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2017The Dark Side of TransparencyBirkinshaw, Julian; Cable, Dan
Oct-2020Data Analysis Using Spreadsheet IT101Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
Oct-2020Data Visualisation BA401Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida
May-2016Data-Driven City Management: A Close Look at Amsterdam’s Smart City InitiativeFitzgerald, Michael
Jan-2008DeBeers’s Diamond DilemmaMcAdams, David; Reavis, Cate
Jan-2018Delivering Through DiversityMcKinsey
Mar-2020Demonstrating Corporate Purpose In The Time of The CoronavirusMcKinsey
Jun-2020Demystifying Modeling: How Quantitative Models Can—And Can’t— Explain The WorldMcKinsey
Jul-2019Designing An Agile Transformation In Pharma R&DMcKinsey
Aug-2006The Devil and the Deep Blue SeaRavi, V
Aug-2014The Digital Battle that Banks Must WinDenecker, Olivier; Gulati, Sameer; Niederkorn, Marc
2006The Digital ChallengeRogers, Brian
Sep-2009Digital Divide DataMathew, Anju; Rød, Grete; Villalobos, Jaime
Jan-2019Digital Ecosystems For Insurers: Opportunities Through The Internet of ThingsMcKinsey
Oct-2015The Digital Future of Consumer Packaged-Goods CompaniesAlldredge, Kari; Newaskar, Puneet; Ungerman, Kelly
Jul-2017The Digital Future of Work: is the 9-to-5 Job Going the Way of the Dinosaur?Camden, Carl; Kasriel, Stephane; Fleming, Katherine; Farrell, Diana; Chui, Michael; Lund, Susan
Jul-2017The Digital Future of Work: Policy Implications of AutomationSiebel, Tom; Slaughter, Anne-Marie; Wald, Jeff; Zahidi, Saadia; Farrell, Diana; George, Katy; Manyika, James; Chui, Michael
Jul-2017The Digital Future of Work: What Skills will be Needed?Fleming, Katherine; Sundararajan, Arun; Dhar, Vasant; Siebel, Tom; Slaughter, Anne-Marie; Wald, Jeff; Blue, Allen; Rosenbaum, Mike; Manyika, James; Chui, Michael; Lund, Susan
Jul-2017The Digital Future of Work: What will Automation Change?Sundararajan, Arun; Dhar, Vasant; Blue, Allen; Camden, Carl; Services, Kelly; Kasriel, Stephane; George, Katy; Chui, Michael; Lund, Susan
Mar-2016Digital Globalization: The New Era Global FlowsManyika, James; Lund, Susan; Bughin, Jacques