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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2017The Real Story Behind US Companies’ Offshore Cash ReservesCogman, David; Koller, Tim
Sep-2021Rebooting customer experience to bring back the magic of travelScully, Ellen; Douma, Filipa; Krishnan, Vik; Seeley, Jules; Neher, Kevin; Obeid, Maurice
Jul-2015Reborn in the CloudSprague, Kara
Jan-2011Recovering from Information OverloadDean, Derek; Webb, Caroline
Nov-2015Recruiting and Retaining More Women in Technology OrganizationsSprague, Kara
Jun-2020Reduced Dividends on Natural Capital?McKinsey
Apr-2009Reducing Risk in your Manufacturing FootprintLamarre, Eric; Pergler, Martin; Vainberg, Gregory
20-Jul-2020Reflections In Crisis: How The Lockdown Is Helping Us Rediscover What’s ImportantMcKinsey
2017Reflections on Digital M&AMcKinsey
Aug-2017Regaining Mobile’s Grip on ConnectivityGrijpink, Ferry; Hjartar, Klemens; Moraje, Suraj; Sigurdsson, Halldor
Jun-2020Reimagining Customer Service To Manage Delinquencies After COVID-19McKinsey
Jun-2020Reimagining European PhilanthropyConway, Michael; Hadem, Karen; Probst, Nina
Jun-2020Reimagining European PhilanthropyConway, Michael; Hadem, Karen; Probst, Nina
Jul-2020Reimagining Infrastructure in The United States: How To Build BetterMcKinsey
Jun-2020Reimagining the Office and Work Life after COVID-19Boland, Brodie; De Smet, Aaron; Palter, Rob; Sanghvi, Aditya
May-2020Reimagining The Post-Pandemic OrganizationMcKinsey
Nov-2020Reimagining the postpandemic organizationNarisetti, Raju
Jul-2020Reimagining The Postpandemic WorkforceMcKinsey
Feb-2017Reinventing ConstructionMckinsey Global Institute
Feb-2017Reinventing ConstructionMcKinsey