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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Academic Burnout and Student Engagement A Moderated Mediation Model of Internal Locus of Control and LonelinessSrivastava, Shalini
2022Achieving Recommendation Intention in Mobile Banking: A Serial Mediation ApproachSrivastava, Shalini
2017Archiving ERP data to enhance operational effectiveness: the case of DolphinSrivastava, Shalini; Misra, Richa
2017Assessing the Impact of Demographic Variables on Mentoring-Managerial Effectiveness Relationship: an Empirical Study of Indian Bank ManagersSrivastava, Shalini
2021Boosting Job Satisfaction Through Emotional Intelligence: A Study on Health Care ProfessionalsSrivastava, Shalini; Misra, Richa; Sharma, Poonam
2017Building Effective Organisations Through Learning Organizational Practices: a Study on Higher Educational Institutions of IndiaSrivastava, Shalini
2020Combating Deviant Behaviour for Strengthening Organisational Commitment: Role of Emotional IntelligenceSrivastava, Shalini
2022Consequences of Abusive Supervision on Indian Service Sector Professionals: A PLS-SEM-Based ApproachSrivastava, Shalini
2017Consumer Preference and Satisfaction of M-Wallets: a study on North Indian ConsumersSingh, Nidhi; Srivastava, Shalini
2022Coping Distress Through Harvesting Resilience Among Indian Physicians: Role of Mediating–Moderating VariablesSrivastava, Shalini; Misra, Richa
2021Coping Stress for Psychological Well-Being: Role of Locus of Control and Demographic VariablesSrivastava, Shalini
2022Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Hospitality Sector: Charting New Frontiers for Restaurant BusinessesSrivastava, Shalini; Dhir, Amandeep
2022Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the Tourism Sector A Systematic Literature Review and Future OutlookSrivastava, Shalini; Dhir, Amandeep
2021Decision Making as a Contributor for Women Empowerment A Study in the Indian ContextMisra, Richa; Srivastava, Shalini; Mahajan, Renuka
2021Determinants of Mobile Bank Usage Among the Bank Users in North IndiaSrivastava, Shalini
2021Do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives Boost Customer Retention in the Hotel Industry A Moderation-Mediation ApproachSrivastava, Shalini; Singh, Nidhi
2022Do self-esteem and ethical leadership dampens Machiavellianism–effectiveness relationship: a parallel mediation approachSrivastava, Shalini; Verma, Shalini
2021Does Consumer Need for Uniqueness Influence Travel Decision-Making?Dey, Banasree; Srivastava, Shalini
2023Does Fear-Based Silence Mediate the Nepotism–Employee Outcomes Relationship?Srivastava, Shalini
2017Does Personal Growth Initiative Lead to Impression Management: Role of Personality?Srivastava, Shalini