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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020An Analysis on Consumer Preference of Ayurvedic Products in Indian MarketMisra, Richa; Singh, Sonali; Mahajan, Renuka
2017Analyzing the Factors Affecting Supply Chain Performance of Organized Retail Industry: A Study on Indian Metro CitiesSingh, Sonali
2020Assessing Behavioral Patterns for Online Gaming Addiction: A Study Among Indian YouthMisra, Richa; Singh, Sonali; Singh, Nidhi
2021Assessing Determinants Influencing Continued use of Live Streaming Services: An Extended Perceived Value Theory of Streaming AddictionSingh, Sonali; Singh, Nidhi
2022Assessing the factors that influence the adoption of healthcare wearables by the older population using an extended PMT modelSingh, Nidhi; Misra, Richa; Singh, Sonali
2021Determinants of Financial Literacy of Young Adults: Testing the Influence of Parents and Socio-Demographic VariablesSingh, Sonali
2017An Empirical Investigation of Student's Motivation Towards Learning Quantitative CoursesSingh, Sonali; Misra, Richa; Srivastava, Shalini
2019An Empirical Study on the Cellular Subscribers Churn, Selection Factors and Satisfaction with the ServicesMisra, Richa; Singh, Sonali; Mahajan, Renuka
2020Linking Personal Growth Initiative and Organizational Identification to Employee Engagement: Testing the Mediating- Moderating Effects in Indian Hotel IndustrySrivastava, Shalini; Singh, Sonali
2023Online Retail Service Quality: What Matters Most for Customer Satisfaction?Bansal, Ajay; Singh, Sonali; Misra, Richa
2018Performance Analysis of Top Management Institutes of IndiaKumar, Surender; Jain, Vranda; Singh, Sonali
2022Predictors of Subjective Career Success Amongst Women Employees: Moderating Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Marital StatusAgrawal, Swati; Singh, Sonali
2018Role of Solar Energy and issues in its Implementation in Indian ContextSingh, Sonali
2021A Study on Organisational Image, Indirect Compensation and Job Satisfaction in Indian IT IndustrySingh, Sonali; Misra, Richa
2018The Transition towards Sustainable Supply Chain Management: An Empirical StudySingh, Sonali
2020Wine-Related Lifestyle Segmentation in the Context of Urban Indian ConsumersSharma, Poonam; Singh, Sonali; Misra, Richa