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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analysis of Factors Affecting Intent to Use Mobile Commerce Services in IndiaMisra, Richa; Mahajan, Renuka; Singh, Nidhi
2020Assessing Behavioral Patterns for Online Gaming Addiction: A Study Among Indian YouthMisra, Richa; Singh, Sonali; Singh, Nidhi
2021Assessing Determinants Influencing Continued use of Live Streaming Services: An Extended Perceived Value Theory of Streaming AddictionSingh, Sonali; Singh, Nidhi
2022Assessing the factors that influence the adoption of healthcare wearables by the older population using an extended PMT modelSingh, Nidhi; Misra, Richa; Singh, Sonali
2020Assessment of Mobile Technology use in the Emerging Market: Analyzing Intention to use M-Payment Services in IndiaSingh, Nidhi
2023Bibliometric Analysis of Corporate Social Performance, Assessment and EvolutionSingh, Nidhi; Kumar, Surender
2017Consumer Preference and Satisfaction of M-Wallets: a study on North Indian ConsumersSingh, Nidhi; Srivastava, Shalini
2022Demystifying social media usage for insurance-related purchase intentions among senior users in the pandemic periodMisra, Richa; Mahajan, Renuka; Singh, Nidhi
2020Determining Factors in the Adoption and Recommendation of Mobile Wallet Services in India: Analysis of the Effect of Innovativeness, Stress to use and Social InfluenceSingh, Nidhi
2021Do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives Boost Customer Retention in the Hotel Industry A Moderation-Mediation ApproachSrivastava, Shalini; Singh, Nidhi
2021Dynamics of Capital Structure and Firm Value of Indian Listed Firms: A PLS-SEM ApproachSingh, Nidhi
2018Effect of Cash Holding Policy of Financially Constrained Firms on Their Market PerformanceSingh, Nidhi
2021Examining the Determinants of Continuance Intention to use and the Moderating Effect of the Gender and Age of Users of NFC Mobile Payments: A Multi‑Analytical ApproachSingh, Nidhi
Aug-2022Factors Impacting Behavioural Intentions to Adopt the Electronic Marketplace: Findings from Small Businesses in IndiaMisra, Richa; Mahajan, Renuka; Singh, Nidhi
2020Factors Influencing AI Implementation Decision in Indian Healthcare Industry: A Qualitative InquiryJain, Vranda; Singh, Nidhi
2022Financial and Energy Exchange Traded Funds Futures: An Evidence of Spillover and Portfolio HedgingSingh, Nidhi
2020From Resistance to Acceptance: Role of Moderating and Mediating Variables in Intention to use Mobile Payment ServicesSrivastava, Shalini; Singh, Nidhi
2023Green Finance: A Bibliometric Analysis of Current Research Status, Development and Future DirectionsSingh, Nidhi
2020How Perceived Trust Mediates Merchant's Intention to use a Mobile Wallet TechnologySingh, Nidhi
2023An Integrated Model Predicting Customers’ Continuance Behavioral Intention and Recommendations of Users: A Study on Mobile Payment in Emerging MarketsSrivastava, Shalini; Singh, Nidhi