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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Analysis of Factors Affecting Intent to Use Mobile Commerce Services in IndiaMisra, Richa; Mahajan, Renuka; Singh, Nidhi
2020An Analysis on Consumer Preference of Ayurvedic Products in Indian MarketMisra, Richa; Singh, Sonali; Mahajan, Renuka
2021A Bibliometric Analysis on the Dissemination of Covid -19 Vaccine Misinformation on Social MediaMahajan, Renuka; Gupta, Pragya
2021Decision Making as a Contributor for Women Empowerment A Study in the Indian ContextMisra, Richa; Srivastava, Shalini; Mahajan, Renuka
2022Demystifying social media usage for insurance-related purchase intentions among senior users in the pandemic periodMisra, Richa; Mahajan, Renuka; Singh, Nidhi
2019An Empirical Study on the Cellular Subscribers Churn, Selection Factors and Satisfaction with the ServicesMisra, Richa; Singh, Sonali; Mahajan, Renuka
2022Employability Skills Framework: A Tripartite ApproachMahajan, Renuka; Gupta, Pragya; Misra, Richa
Aug-2022Factors Impacting Behavioural Intentions to Adopt the Electronic Marketplace: Findings from Small Businesses in IndiaMisra, Richa; Mahajan, Renuka; Singh, Nidhi
2019Indian Telecom Industry: Challenges and Use of Analytics to Manage Customer ChurnMahajan, Renuka; Misra, Richa
2019Introduction to Use and Analysis of Big Data in E-LearningMahajan, Renuka
2021An IoT Based Model for a Trucking Transport System Using Predictive AnalyticsMahajan, Renuka; Misra, Richa
2017A Study on Web Application Security and Detecting Security VulnerabilitiesMahajan, Renuka
2020Understanding Factors Affecting Receptivity Towards Adopting Electronic Marketplace: A Merchant PerspectiveMisra, Richa; Mahajan, Renuka; Singh, Nidhi
2018Variable Selection of Customers for Churn Analysis in Telecommunication IndustryMahajan, Renuka