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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Artificial Intelligence Divulges Effective Tactics of Top Management Institutes of IndiaKumar, Surender
2023Bibliometric Analysis of Corporate Social Performance, Assessment and EvolutionSingh, Nidhi; Kumar, Surender
2018Conditional Volatility in Exchange Rate: Empirical Evidence from IndiaKumar, Surender; Dublish, Puneet
2018Consumer Perception About Selection of Restaurant in NCR (India)Kumar, Surender; Bansal, Ajay
2018Contribution of Tourism to Employment and Economic Growth: An Application of Data Envelopment AnalysisKumar, Surender; Sharma, Poonam
2018Financial Performance of Pharmaceutical Industry in IndiaKumar, Surender; Nair, Abhijit; Gugnani, Ritika
2017Globalization and Opportunities for Investors in Emerging Stock MarketsKumar, Surender
2017India and SAARC: Economic Performance and AssociationJain, Vranda; Kumar, Surender
2020Leverage Effect in Foreign Exchange Markets: A Study of BRICS EconomiesKumar, Surender
2017Modelling India-US Exchange Rate Volatility Using GARCH ModelsKumar, Surender; Dublish, Puneet
2022New Framework as Risk-Vulnerability Index in Commercial Banking SystemPandey, Dayanand; Kumar, Surender
2020Online Retail in India: A Comparative Analysis of Top Business PlayersKumar, Surender
2017An Overview of Educational Data MiningKumar, Surender
2018Performance Analysis of Top Management Institutes of IndiaKumar, Surender; Jain, Vranda; Singh, Sonali
2016A Road Map to Enhance Employability Index and Selection Prediction of Management Students Using K-means, Clustering and Binary RegressionKumar, Surender
2017Role of ICT And Tourism in Economic Growth of IndiaKumar, Surender
2018Study of Asymmetric Volatilities in Stock Markets of India and ChinaKumar, Surender; Dublish, Puneet
2018Study of Economic Performance of India due to Trade with SAARC CountriesJain, Vranda; Kumar, Surender
2017Study of ICT and Tourism Led Growth in India and ThailandKumar, Surender; Sharma, Durgansh
2018Sustainability Analysis of Tourism in India: Data Envelopment Analysis ApproachKumar, Surender