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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Aligning Compensation with Business Cycle: Exploring Economics of HRJain, Vranda; Agrawal, Swati
2022Climate Mitigation Investments: An Economic and Policy OutlookTewari, Tavishi; Jain, Vranda; Anand, Arpan
2022Evaluation of Import Substitution Strategy in Context to Infrastructure: Empirical Evidence from RajasthanJain, Vranda
2020Factors Influencing AI Implementation Decision in Indian Healthcare Industry: A Qualitative InquiryJain, Vranda; Singh, Nidhi
2022Factors Influencing Smartphone Based Online Shopping: An Empirical Study of Young Women ShoppersJain, Vranda; Misra, Richa
2017India and SAARC: Economic Performance and AssociationJain, Vranda; Kumar, Surender
2022Isolating China Deglobalisation and its Impact on Global Value ChainsTewari, Tavishi; Jain, Vranda
2021Moving Towards Menstrual Hygiene: Awareness and Acceptance of Sanitary Napkins at Bottom of the PyramidTewari, Tavishi; Jain, Vranda
2018Performance Analysis of Top Management Institutes of IndiaKumar, Surender; Jain, Vranda; Singh, Sonali
2022Rejuvenating Psychological Well-Being Through Work Staycation: A COR PerspectiveMisra, Richa; Jain, Vranda; Srivastava, Shalini; Tewary, Tavishi
2022The Role of Digital Technologies to Unleash A Green Recovery: Pathways and Pitfalls to Achieve the European Green DealSharma, Rohit; Jain, Vranda
2018Study of Economic Performance of India due to Trade with SAARC CountriesJain, Vranda; Kumar, Surender
2018Sustainability of Autonomous Business Schools in India: A Conceptual FrameworkJain, Vranda; Kumar, Surender
2021Unlocking Technology Adoption for a Robust Food Supply Chain Evidence from Indian Food Processing SectorJain, Vranda; Tewari, Tavishi
2021Visualising the Prospective Circular Economy Closing the Economic Loop-The Case of IndiaJain, Vranda
2018Wonder Pedicabs: Leisure Rickshaw RidesJain, Vranda; Srivastava, Vinita