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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017McKinsey Special Collections Trends and global forcesGreenberg, Ezra; Hirt, Martin; Smit, Sven
7-Dec-2022A miracle of widespread progress: A 20-year journey of health and incomeBradley, Chris; Smit, Sven; Woetzel, Jonathan
Apr-2022Navigating inflation: A new playbook for CEOsPadhi, Asutosh; Smit, Sven; Greenberg, Ezra
Jan-2022The net-zero transitionKrishnan, Mekala; Hamid Samandari, Boston; Woetzel, Jonathan; Smit, Sven
Feb-2023People & Organizational Performance Practice Performance through peopleMadgavkar, Anu; Schaninger, Bill; Maor, Dana; White, Olivia; Smit, Sven
Feb-2023Performance through peopleMadgavkar, Anu; Schaninger, Bill; Maor, Dana; White, Olivia; Smit, Sven
Feb-2021The postpandemic economyLund, Susan; Madgavkar, Anu; Manyika, James; Smit, Sven; Ellingrud, Kweilin; Meaney, Mary; Robinson, Olivia
Nov-2021The rise and rise of the global balance sheetWoetzel, Jonathan; Mischke, Jan; Madgavkar, Anu; Windhagen, Eckart; Smit, Sven; Birshan, Michael; Kemeny, Szabolcs; Anderson, Rebecca J.
Sep-2022Securing Europe’s competitivenessSmit, Sven; Magnus Tyreman, Amsterdam; Jan Mischke, Stockholm
Sep-2015Shifting Tides: Global Economic Scenarios for 2015–25Enriquez, Luis; Smit, Sven; Ablett, Jonathan
Oct-2013The strategic Yardstick you can’t Afford to IgnoreBradley, Chris; Dawson, Angus; Smit, Sven
Jul-2023War in Ukraine: Twelve disruptions changing the world— updateWhite, Olivia; Buehler, kevin; Smit, Sven; Greenberg, Ezra R
Jun-2022White Paper Resilience for sustainable, inclusive growthPacthod, Daniel; Schive, Miriam; Smit, Sven
Oct-2015Why it’s Still a World of ‘Grow or Go’Atsmon, Yuval; Smit, Sven