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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2018Outperformers: High-growth emerging economies and the companies that propel themWoetzel, Jonathan; Madgavkar, Anu; Seong, Jeongmin; Manyika, James; Sneader, Kevin
Feb-2021The postpandemic economyLund, Susan; Madgavkar, Anu; Manyika, James; Smit, Sven; Ellingrud, Kweilin; Meaney, Mary; Robinson, Olivia
Apr-2016The Power of Parity: Advancing Women's Equality in the United StatesEllingrud, Kweilin; Madgavkar, Anu; Manyika, James
Nov-2012Preparing for a New Era of Knowledge WorkLund, Susan; Manyika, James; Ramaswamy, Sree
Aug-2020Risk, resilience, and rebalancing in global value chainsLund, Susan; DC, Washington,; Manyika, James; Francisco, San
Aug-2020Risk, resilience, and rebalancing in global value chainsLund, Susan; Manyika, James; Woetzel, Jonathan; Barriball, Ed; Krishnan, Mekala
Jul-2012The Social Economy: Unlocking Value and Productivity Through Social TechnologiesChui, Michael; Manyika, James; Bughin, Jacques
Oct-2018SuperstarsManyika, James; Ramaswamy, Sree; Bughin, Jacques; Woetzel, Jonathan; Birshan, Michael
May-2017Technology, Jobs and the Future of WorkManyika, James
Apr-2016Urban World: The Global Consumers to WatchDobbs, Richard; Remes, Jaana; Manyika, James
Nov-2016The US Economy: An Agenda for Inclusive GrowthManyika, James; Pinkus, Gary; Ramaswamy, Sree
Jul-2016Where Machines Could Replace Humans-and Where they Can’t (Yet)Chui, Michael; Manyika, James; Miremadi, Mehdi
Jan-2014Why Every Leader Should Care about Digitization and Disruptive InnovationManyika, James; McAfee, Andrew