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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016THE AGE OF ANALYTICS: COMPETING IN A DATA-DRIVEN WORLDHenke, Nicolaus; Jacques Bughin, London; Michael Chui, Brussels; Francisco, San; Manyika, James
Jun-2018AI, Automation,and the Future of Work: Ten Things to Solve ForManyika, James; Sneader, Kevin
May-2011Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivityManyika, James; Chui, Michael; Brown, Brad; Bughin, Jacques; Dobbs, Richard; Roxburgh, Charles; Hung Byers, Angela
Sep-2016The CEO Guide to China’s FutureChui, Michael; Manyika, James; Miremadi, Mehdi
Jul-2019China and the world: Inside the dynamics of a changing relationshipWoetzel, Jonathan; Seong, Jeongmin; Leung, Nick; Ngai, Joe; Manyika, James
Jun-2021Companies in the 21st century A new look at how corporations impact the economy and householdsManyika, James; Francisco, San; Birshan, Michae
Feb-2020Connected worldGrijpink, Ferry; Kutcher, Eric; Ménard, Alexandre; Ramaswamy, Sree; Schiavotto, Davide; Manyika, James; Chui, Michael; Hamill, Rob; Okan, Emir
May-2016Delivering the power of parity: Toward a more gender-equal societyWoetzel, Jonathan; Anu Madgavkar, Shanghai; Manyika, James; Ellingrud, Kweilin; Hunt |, Vivian; Mekala Krishnan
Jul-2017The Digital Future of Work: Policy Implications of AutomationSiebel, Tom; Slaughter, Anne-Marie; Wald, Jeff; Zahidi, Saadia; Farrell, Diana; George, Katy; Manyika, James; Chui, Michael
Jul-2017The Digital Future of Work: What Skills will be Needed?Fleming, Katherine; Sundararajan, Arun; Dhar, Vasant; Siebel, Tom; Slaughter, Anne-Marie; Wald, Jeff; Blue, Allen; Rosenbaum, Mike; Manyika, James; Chui, Michael; Lund, Susan
Mar-2016Digital Globalization: The New Era Global FlowsManyika, James; Lund, Susan; Bughin, Jacques
Mar-2016DIGITAL GLOBALIZATION: THE NEW ERA OF GLOBAL FLOWSManyika, James; Francisco, San; Lund, Susan; DC, Washington; Bughin, Jacques
Jun-2019The future of women at workMadgavkar, Anu; Manyika, James; Krishnan, Mekala; Ellingrud, Kweilin; Yee, Lareina
Jun-2020The future of work in EuropeSmit, Sven; Tacke, Tilman; Lund, Susan; Manyika, James; Thiel, Lea
Jun-2020The future of work in EuropeSmit, Sven; Tacke, Tilman; Lund, Susan; Manyika, James; Thiel, Lea
Jan-2015Global Growth: Can Productivity Save the Day in an Aging World?Manyika, James; Woetzel, Jonathan; Dobbs, Richard
Jan-2019GLOBALIZATION IN TRANSITION: THE FUTURE OF TRADE AND VALUE CHAINSLund, Susan; DC, Washington; Manyika, James; Francisco, San
Jan-2019Globalization in transition: The future of trade and value chainsLund, Susan; Manyika, James; Woetzel, Jonathan; Bughin, Jacques; Krishnan, Mekala
Oct-2016Independent-Work-Choice-necessity-and-the-gig-economyManyika, James; Lund, Susan; Bughin, Jacques; Robinson, Kelsey; Mischke, Jan; Mahajan, Deepa
Dec-2014India’s Technology Opportunity: Transforming Work, Empowering PeopleKaka, Noshir; Madgavkar, Anu; Manyika, James